Why Heat Proofing and Water Proofing is Essential

Weather becomes unpredictable in Many Countries Specially, in summer seasons. People seeking innovative products for heat proofing to reduce the temperature and waterproofing to protect home from rain or leakage. When Heat rises people are likening to use the air conditioner in order to get heat proofing for the reduction of room temperature many of them using the inverter for the reduction of electricity. and In rural areas people using matt material for their unfurnished homes for the heat proofing problem. Same as people are also facing another huge problem of raining and using Waterproof sheets, roof etc. to protect home from raining is not a successful idea, Therefore Universal Services provide a reliable solution for People comfort.

Universal Services

Universal Services was established in 2009, we aim to become an optimum business enterprise supplying an entire engineering and technical solution provider for the construction chemicals and services as such WaterproofingHeatproofingRoof Heat Proofing and Epoxy Flooring.


Our Goal,

We are seeking to be the leader in purchaser delight, innovation, Professionalism and advanced satisfactory solution. We are the architect of a responsive, speedy, value-powerful and creative method to our client’s benefits and their important wishes. We committed to best working with our clients for their satisfaction and consistently fulfills expectations. construction chemical compounds are specialty products which are utilized in structures to growth their life and additionally to impart additional safety from environmental risks. construction chemicals are vital for excellent concrete for improvement of concrete overall performance. within the overall growth of residential, industrial, a business sectors creation chemical substances play a crucial role.


This website is a part of our main website for more information and details visit our main website https://www.heatproofing.pk


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